Spont Ump


A spont is a spontaneous creation or event. 

Spont Fest celebrates Sponts.  

The Spont Ump is the expert who determines the relative goodness, uniqueness, originality,
timeliness, timelessness, synchronicity, or the synergy of the spont. 

We need experts and amateurs to be Umpires for the Spont Fest, Spont Umps, as we call them If you have expertise or interest in spontaneous creation, please contact us.

Our competitions celebrate the best in spontaneous expression.  Just to compete is an indication of how far toward mastery the artists are and what they have achieved in the now. Please contact us if you want to showcase your talents.

It's nice to be recognized for specialness of moment and it brings out the best in the artists to compete for public recognition of their extensive efforts to become better artists  Support us, please, and further the advancement of sponts and Spont Fest.

While we're getting going with our annual Spont Fest, we're joining the Die Jammin' Festival and attaching ourselves to the activities thereof.
That means that the first Spont Fest will be held in conjunction with Die Jammin' on November 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of 2013 in Houston, Texas.  This makes admission more valuable and might make it more worthwhile to make the trip from where ever you are to our first annual Spont Fest

Please fill out the contact form to come and witness the first spont fest, to be a spont ump who judges the competitions, or to be a spontaneous performer in dance, music, drama, poetry, gymnastics, movement, kiddie sponts, space design, or other spont presentation.

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